I’m Charlotte – a twenty-something adventurer & saltwater addict from Berlin.

I grew up with many chances for traveling as my parentsare awesome humans who needed to go somewhere nice at least once a year when I was young. My first holidays without parents started when I explored my love for surfing on the East Frisian Island Norderney in Germany. First I went to surf camps in South France and from that point on I went back to the Atlantic Coast again and again to work at the camps as a camp supervisor, cook & surf photographer. With this work I got my food and accommodation for free what allowed me to stay my whole summer holidays and surf the whole day long.

Some days before I turned eighteen, career plans changed and my parents gave me the great opportunity to volunteer in South Africa for a few weeks. This trip totally changed a part of me and gave me another view of the world i left behind. In short it was one of the best decisions ever and I will keep it on my mind forever. After South Africa my wanderlust has only grown and my list of the cities I’ve visited only became bigger.

For now I just reached a point where I’m forever planning my next escape.



I’m in love with every new place that hit my eyes. Actually it’s Bali that holds a special place in my heart but I wanna see so much more.

While traveling I enjoy talking to strangers using hands and feet for gestures when words fail. I love to try new things, drifting on local food markets, getting lost in narrow alleys & being close to the sea as much as I can.

Travel with others is fun and you’ll always learn from each other but on the inside I always be a solo traveller. To me traveling alone is also a lot of fun and actually you’re never really on your own as you’ll meet so many new people all the way on your journey. You’ll go together, split up and maybe meet again later – Bangkok is a good place for meeting again by the way 😉 You make a lot of new friends and hear a bunch of new stories and views of life which will change your own, piece by piece.

Abroad – plans change and life goes on. If you learn to deal with shit on the road, in a place where you not speak the language and have your mommy to run for,  you got the best skills to take home.


On my blog you’ll find a pack of photos which should give you a feeling on what’s going on in my head.

I love taking photos since i was young. The first camera I remember i got, was one from Fisher-Price, Perfect Shot 110 – Google that! After that I made my way up from taking my parents analogue camera, buy a small compact digital thing to my first DSLR Canon 400D, which I got from my parents and now using Canon 7D on which I spent a lot money and still do. (you know that – there always new features for technic nerds)

As i’m a water junkie, I have the GoPro Hero HD 2 as well – with surf mounts for sure.

Do you know these people, saying “I don’t wanna buy an iPhone, there’s no need for this.”? Well, I was one of them for a long time, and yes! I also, and still can find a nice home stay in a total unknown city without an iPhone and even a map! (ya, i already did this lot of times, in Melaka for example). However, at the end of 2011 I reconsidered my mind and just bought that phone. The sad thing is that the people think you’re available 24/7 and check you’re mails every two minutes. The good thing – I can take photos wherever and whenever I want to and i just love it. As my 7D Baby has some ‘weight’ it’s a nice thing to have your small all rounder with you – coz’ nice things happen unexpected!






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