I haven’t been everywhere …

… but it’s on my list.

As a teenager i found the book “A 1000 Places To See Before You Die” in a store. This title should be lifestyle from now on!

Next to my bucket list i also started these one, from stunning places & things to do around the world. It seems like it’s getting endless as there’s so many to see and i got new inspiration every day.

Sunrise over the clouds – Mount Agung, Bali/Indonesia


Here some places i’d love to visit & i’m still open for where the roads are taking me.

∙ Camping in Canada

∙ Citytrip Rome

∙ Carnival in Brazil

∙ Taj Mahal + Yoga in India

∙ Denmark

∙ Surfing in Fiji

∙ Hula & Haiku Stairs in Hawaii

∙ Island of the Death in Bali

∙ Vintage Boat trip through rain forest on Amazon

∙ Cinque Terre & Pizza in Italy

∙ Dogsledding in Alaska

∙ Gambling in Las Vegas

∙ Ride with Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing

∙ Sri Lanka

∙ Jungletrip Borneo

Backpackertrip Vietnam (for sure Angkor Wat)/ Cambodia / Laos

∙  Route66 America

∙ Southamerica

∙ Nightmarket in Morocco

Surf Portugal’s Atlantic Coast

Northern Lights in Iceland

∙ Niagara Falls, Sundowner Tour, Garden Route & Devil’s Pool South Africa

∙ Machu Pichu Peru

∙ Galapagos Islands

∙ Patagonia

∙ Chile

∙ Maya Ruins in Mexico

∙ Roadtrip Australia

∙ Jerusalem

∙ Pyramids in Egypt

∙ Lemurs in Madagascar

∙ TransAlpine Train in New Zealand

∙ Queen Charlotte Islands, CA (just because of the name)

∙ Terracotta Warriors Xi’an  China

∙ Cherry Blossom Festival Japan


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