Bucket List

Jumping Point, Nusa Ceningan, Indonesia (16m.)

Here’s my bucket list – get inspired.

∙ Own a swimmable mermaid tail

∙ Sky Diving

∙ Diving License

Freediving License

Windsurf License

∙ Live abroad for at least one year (just made it up to eight months for now)

∙ Fill up a passport before it expires (like my grandpa)

∙ visit all seven continents

Volunteer (in South Africa)

Flying with an hot-air Balloon (and got the title “Charlotte, Baronin zu Mörse”)

Host strangers

∙ Travel without destination


∙ Make a difference in someone’s life

Get a tattoo (or more)

Tattoo someone

Fall in love (once, twice, thrice..)

Find a job to love

Go camping with bonfire

Girls Surf Trip

Get naked on Naked Island/ Philippines

Enjoy and infinity pool

Watch the sunset & feel like you’ll never grow up

make a memories album

connect with someone from another culture even due different languages

Go barefoot for a week (made it up to three weeks in South France)

Wrap a snake around my neck (twice)

Be close & riding the elephants

Ride a camel (Tunis)

Watch the Whales up close in the Philippines

Ride a Tuk Tuk (and be stucked in Bangkok’s rush hour)

Go on Safari

∙ Diving with sharks

Jump into swamp (get someone to pull you out)

Learn Line Dance

Go to Cinema alone

Sleep in a hammock

Horsebackriding (“kleines Hufeisen” badge)

Develop your own photos

Vaccinate yourself (happens when you plan trips in one week)

∙ Latin Dancing

Driving License

Ballett Dancing (still love it)

Bungee Jumping (75m.)

∙ Stamp grapes to make wine

∙ Jump off a waterfall

Jump off a cliff (15-16m.)

White Water Rafting

Climb an active volcano (Mount Agung, Indonesia)

Being over the clouds (Mount Agung, Indonesia)

Get a tan on Speedboat

Celebrate Christmas somewhere else in the world

∙ Ziplining

Take part in a protest

∙ Photography of political disaster

Go on Festivals (see your favorite bands & collect festival wristbands)

∙ Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Being part of a music video (Bakkushan – Springwut)

Flip off a pier (Turkey)

Jump off bridge (into Spree, Berlin)

See the musical “Cats” (Hamburg, three times)

See the musical “Les Miserables” (London)

∙ See the musical “Queen”

∙ See the musical “Lion King”

Design my own dress (school graduation)

Get a custom made surfboard

Finish a book (and loads more)

Get wasted

Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean (Balangan, Bali)

Learn to Ski & Snowboarding

Learn a new Language (or two, three..)

Be in a movie (“Beste Freunde”)

∙ Wear a wedding dress

Dance at the beach under the stars

Get a Bachelor Degree

Get a card for frequent flyer (member of Qatar Aiways)

Rope swing into water

Overnight in the Outback (South Africa)

Cuddling with monkeys

Milk a cow

∙ Kiss a see lion

Open the beer with keychain

Join a different culture wedding

Beach Cleaning

Sending “Packages for Christmas” (Africa/gave my favorite doll when i was three years old)

Meals for the homeless

Have an exhibition

Start a blog



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